HANG A HALTER

                                       IN MEMORY OF

                 EVERY EQUINE SENT TO SLAUGHTER.                  

Hang A Halter T-Shirts

We are working on this as of 2-14-18

Talking points when people ask why you have a halter hanging...

#1 Over 145,000 American horses are slaughtered across our borders for human consumption every year. Approx, 1 equine (horse, mule, donkey, pony ect) is slaughtered every 5 minutes.

#2 Horses and other equines are NOT RAISED in the U.S. and Canada for food and are routinely administered over 300 veterinary medications our own USDA banned for use in animals intended for human consumption. Their meat is adulterated "TOXIC" for humans.

#3 Horses slaughter is not a part of the legitimate agriculture community which raises and stands by it's own products, These horses are bought and even STOLEN by scavengers ( kill buyers/brokers) who take no responsibility for them, (cheap food, dirty water and no vet care provided, making them travel  with no food or water.) they dumb them on an unsuspecting people of other countries.

#4 Horse slaughter is NOT a humane death but a terrible cruel and painful one, documentation of horses being hit up to and over 12 times in the foer head with a captive gun. Horses are a flight or fight animal. There is no benefit to the American and Canadian tax payer from horse slaughter because their meat is sold in other countries.

#5 Ending horse slaughter WILL HAVE NO IMPACT upon cases of horse neglect and abandonment as statistic in the states has been proven. Older, neglected horses are not purchased for slaughtered, there is not enough meat on their body for a profit. Only healthy (medicated to keep it healthy) full bodied animals are sought for their meat.

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Fall in love with the their beauty and power. 

They are sound of heart and sure of pride.